Monday, September 10, 2012

Tong Gui drink for woman

Wow I just taste the drink and it is yummy I love drinking this tong gui drink. It is for woman only!

First goodie bag got it in Sunway Lagoon, below 2nd goodie bag got it from Guardian booth at orange counter in Sunway Pyramid.

The drink of tong gui is Female Essence you see below picture! Oh yeah contains two bottles and I drank last bottle this morning!
So nice yeah? The walk is 3KM and it is fast for us because so many things to see during the walk.

For more detail of the walk you may visit my blog

Monday, April 30, 2012

I love ice skating

There you see me and my boy having fun playing ice skating, it is his first time to skate on the ice. He loves roller skating but I see the centre here at Subang Jaya it is disco skating, I see the deal no more so no purchase any maybe next time let him go.

I need to hold his hand when ice skating it is tiring but fun, being mommy of two now I am glad my sister-in-law is here to help me. She is taking care my baby boy and my dear is there with her to care together so we could have fun to skate. They no enter the entrance of ice skating area because you need to pay money for it.

I have got another free ticket to use and valid til next month, it is great I will have time to bing him go. He loves the mashed potato at the stall, he eats two of it! I rent the locket RM4 to put my bag, shoes I put under the chair which available for public to sit.

Many of my friends don't skate because they are afraid will fall down.