Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cannot see much on what I am doing

I cannot see much on what I am doing because the screen is black out and I manage to peep it and type. Yeah it is making my eyes all sore and hard to see.

It is 9.20 in the morning and I know I need to go shower soon. There is so many things I need to do. For start my room in a big mess and needed to clean up. Lazy me just want to avoid that.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Scratch to win?

I am sure most people will knows this game. I know it since I was a kid. Nearby my school when I was studying primary, I have spend most of my time there. I play the scratch and win and you know how much money hasI spend?

Not sure how much money I used but I knew that I will pay as much as I have got. I am so addicted and I kept on going to the same store everyday. Nobody stopped me from playing and I was lucky that I am not growing up as a gambler.

First post

Hi, I am Sherry and I have created this blog because I love the name of this blog. Yeah it is scartchy contest and do not forget that there is more than just contest. They will be update on giveaway as well. Just give me time to look around and I will let you know them.

I love blogging, this is just another rambling blog which I am going to use for my daily used as well.